BioWare's Matt Bromberg discusses converting Star Wars: The Old Republic to free-to-play

It might not save the game, in much the same way that you can't use a flotation device to save a man who is not drowning.
If you missed some of the analyst predictions flying around after Star Wars: The Old Republic announced it was converting to a free-to-play model, they were... zealous, to say the least. But general manager Matt Bromberg doesn't seem to share those opinions. When asked in a recent interview whether the conversion will make the game more money in the long run, Bromberg replied in extremely uncertain terms: "I don't know."

As Bromberg puts it, while there are internal targets being discussed, the company's stated goal is to improve accessibility and options for the game. While BioWare certainly wants more people playing, Bromberg stresses that the goal is not to simply squeeze every possible penny out of the title. He also echoes several earlier comments regarding the rationale behind the model switch, so if you're interested in the overall process, it's well worth checking out the interview in its entirety.
This article was originally published on Massively.