New Marvel Heroes trailer is all about cleaning up the kitchen

In the Marvel universe you don't take cover when being shot at.
Yes, you read that title correctly. Marvel Heroes has put out a trailer that's all about cleaning up the kitchen. Specifically, cleaning up Hell's Kitchen, one of the cheapest areas of Manhattan and a hotbed of organized crime and ethnic tensions. (In the Marvel universe, anyway. In the real world it's pretty high-rent now.)

Fans of Marvel can probably guess at the major players in the trailer just by knowing the area. Even if you're not familiar with the comics, however, the trailer makes it clear that the area is crawling with crime under the direction of the infamous Kingpin, with both relatively normal thugs with guns and superpowered threats like Electra and Bullseye. Plenty of space for an enterprising hero to clean things up, in other words.

Check out the full trailer just past the break. If that makes you curious for more information about how the game plays, you can jump back a little and read our hands-on impression.

[Source: Gazillion Entertainment press release]

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