CyanogenMod tops up CM10 Jelly Bean jar with SMS pop-up, quick reply features

Cyanogen popup

On top of bringing Android flavors to devices that would otherwise never get them, CyanogenMod has added SMS options to its latest CM10 Jelly Bean ROM -- features the stock version lacks. First, the team introduced QuickMessage, which displays a pop-up when you get an IM, allowing you to view or reply to it on the spot. Then, after hearing feedback from users, a "quick reply" option was appended as well, letting you disable the pop-up and reply from the notification bar instead. We took a quick whirl with the latest nightly and saw that it works as advertised, giving you the speedy options while appearing as a regular setting in the stock messaging app. So, if you're like most of us and drop everything when you get a text, check the source links for more details.

[Image credit: CyanogenMod]