Sprint training documents suggest October iPhone arrival date

A Sprint training doc leaked by iSource and confirmed to be authentic by Engadget suggests Sprint is increasing its support options for iPhone owners. According to the document, dealers and preferred retailers will offer improved in-store service for iPhone customers starting on October 15.

The training starts on September 6 and covers iTunes, iCloud, hardware troubleshooting and software options for iPhone owners. It's required for a range of employees, including managers, sales reps and technicians. The document claims that by the end of the training, Sprint sales reps and techs should be proficient in handling almost any issue Sprint iPhone customers may have.

Though many are using this document to claim Sprint will delay the launch of the next iPhone, I don't see any evidence that this document applies to the new iPhone. It's likely a separate program meant to improve customer service, which is an area that Sprint has been focusing on for the past few years.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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