Around Azeroth: Come together

Around Azeroth
Submitter Iero of Blue Recluse on Draenor (US-A) writes, "Last year, I submitted a screenshot of our Ovarian Cancer Awareness day. We had many guilds come and support this, all of us changing our tabards to teal (the color for ovarian cancer awareness) for the day. Today, we held this event for the second time. The turnout and support was just as amazing as ever, and we wanted to share this with the WoW community once more. We also wanted to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, the guilds who came to show their love and support: Ifudayre, Solitaires, Caustic, The Suffering, Blackwatch of Azeroth, Mercs of Chaos, The Scarlet Hand, less PEW PEW more MEW MEW, and AntiSocial. Your love and support are overwhelming. Thank you!"

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This article was originally published on WoW Insider.