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Sony VG900 leaks, packs full-frame sensor into a NEX camcorder


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Sony must have a fixation on stuffing full-frame sensors into small spaces this year. A fresh photo and details slipping out to Sony Alpha Rumors show what's billed as the VG900, the first NEX-branded camcorder with a sensor larger than the APS-C spec -- the first NEX camera of any kind, for that matter. While there's only a light smattering of details, we're told the device has a 24-megapixel sensor (likely the same as in the RX1 or A99), records video in AVCHD 2.0 and should ship with an A-mount adapter for Alpha lenses. Not much else is on display, although you may want to take a pass if you're just looking to record a family wedding: at a rumored $3,300 price for the purportedly imminent launch, the VG900 isn't an impulse purchase for anyone short of a pro videographer.

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