Chances are really good that first day adopters will start receiving their new units this weekend. We are hearing some pre-order shipping dates have slipped. Whether you pre-ordered or stood in line, here's the post where you can discuss your new device.

What model did you go for? And what color? Do you have it in hand or are you breathlessly waiting for it to arrive? And how does that puppy feel? Comfortable? Or oddly long? Did you scratch it with your keys?

Vote in our poll and then hop into the comments and share your experience. Take advantage of the TUAW Reader Brain Trust if you have any questions about set-up and use. We've got a great community of readers, and you're likely to discover some great information.

What\'s the status of your new iPhone 5
In hand. Right now. LOVE IT.452 (44.3%)
Waiting. It should arrive this weekend.99 (9.7%)
I'm ordered out for a while. Should be here within the next few weeks.194 (19.0%)
I wish I had a new iPhone 5 -- but I'm going to have to wait on Santa, if at all.181 (17.7%)
It's the 5th gen iPod touch for me.16 (1.6%)
Something else. I'll tell you in the comments.79 (7.7%)

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