Amazon rejects Apple's false advertising claim in App Store suit has filed a statement in Apple's ongoing claim against the online retail giant, saying that the generic use of the term "app store" is not a violation of Apple's "App Store" trademark. Amazon also asked for judgment regarding the suggestion that its use of "Appstore" to describe its own Android marketplace would be considered false advertising, in an attempt to somehow convince customers that the marketplace was related to Apple's own iOS App Store. Amazon also cites Steve Jobs and other Apple executives as calling competitors' markets "app stores" as well.

Apple has trademarked the phrase "App Store," in reference to its own very popular iOS apps marketplace. But Amazon says this isn't even a question of trademark just yet -- it's simply trying to get a judge to agree that using the phrase "appstore" isn't false advertising. We should hear a decision on this filing coming up sometime soon.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.