Trippy Far Cry 3 trailer introduces Vaas, Buck, and a hungry tiger

The latest freaky trailer from Far Cry 3 asks you to meet Vaas and Buck, who are really just two misunderstood guys living in Ubisoft's virtual tropical island simulator. Vaas seems to have a thing for gas, as in pouring it all over you and some poor lady, all while pontificating on the quality of the common household cigarette lighter.

And Buck... well, Buck might not be misunderstood. He might just be completely crazy. What are you doing with that knife, Buck? Don't bother coming any closer, please pal? How else are we going to stick around for the next trailer, which is going to show off a drugged-up group of native NPCs called the Tribe? How, Buck?%Gallery-166641%

This article was originally published on Joystiq.