Around Azeroth: The 99 percent at level 90

Around Azeroth The 99 percent at level 90 SUNDAY
"When my druid emigrated to Pandria, it was with excitement, hope for a better life and plenty of gold in her bags," writes submitter Riyahnasheed of Epic on Azuremyst (US-A). "After losing most of her funds to poor investments (who knew a Grand Expedition Yak ate only Golden Lotus?) she needed employment. With no local work references, she had to take a job hauling materials for the construction of the Jade Serpent shrine in Jade Forest. Having learned the price of unwise financial planning, she has invested her remaining funds in a Halfhill farm and hopes to reap the benefits of part time employment with the Golden Lotus and Order of the Cloud Serpent."
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This article was originally published on WoW Insider.