When it comes to evaluating the next big thing, we turn to our secret weapon: the TUAW braintrust. We put the question to you and let you have your go at it. Today's topic is the iPad mini's price.

The low end Kindle Fire retails at $159 and the HD at $199. (Bezos recently confirmed that their devices sell at cost, with no profit.) The Google Nexus 7 is $249. The re-engineered iPod touch starts at $299 for a 32GB unit. The lowest-end new iPads (not the "new iPad", but new 16GB "iPad 2" units) start at $399.

Assuming Apple does launch a 7.85" iPad mini unit in a few weeks, how will it price it into this existing marketplace? Does it have to leave room for the iPod touch with its 4" Retina screen, enhanced cameras, and groovy colors? Or can it sell itself at the same price point or lower with its bigger screen and bargain features? (Groovy colors remain welcome, however.)

Could Apple launch the mini at $299 or even $199 without undercutting their product line? Or should even the littlest-iPad-that-could bring enough features to the table to match the performance and price of the iPad 2?

You tell us. Place your vote in this poll and then join in the comments with all your analysis.

How much is that mini in the window?
$199. Bargain features, bargain price.322 (16.6%)
$299. Even with groovy colors, consumers are able to differentiate a big-screen tablet from a hot camera-ready gaming iPod touch.1135 (58.6%)
$399. Match the 2 on price but bring newer features to the table.324 (16.7%)
$499. High quality can support a higher price. If Apple builds it, they will come. Field of Dreams, baby.50 (2.6%)
Something else. I'll tell you in the comments.106 (5.5%)

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