Star Citizen adds Kickstarter to crowdfunding drive

After its official website (and only source of crowdfunding income) went offline due to server-crushing amounts of traffic, Chris Roberts' Cloud Imperium Games have opened an ancillary Kickstarter project to support Star Citizen.

The main difference between the Kickstarter and the website itself – beyond the stark difference in fundraising goals – is the Kickstarter's special $5.00 donation level, which grants the ability to change a ship's hull design to players that have already donated on the main site. The rest of the game's registration process, as well as all of the other donation rewards, remain the same regardless of where the donation originated.

As of press time, the official site has reached approximately $1.13 million of its $2 million goal, while the Kickstarter has earned $208,370 of its $500,000 target. Funding on the official site continues for another 21 days, while the Kickstarter remains active for another 30.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.