DNP Japan Display shows lowpower reflective 'paper' display fast enough for video

Seen any color video in your e-reader lately? Us neither, and Japan Display wants to change all that with a new reflective, paper type LCD capable of the feat that burns very little juice, to boot. To pull it off, the prototype uses a so-called light control layer, allowing it to collect rays and bounce them toward your eyes, exactly like plain old analog paper. The consortium developed a low color fidelity version with five percent NTSC coverage and a bright 40 percent reflection, along with a dimmer version carrying a third less reflectivity but a more faithful 36 percent hue gamut. The latter still needs some tweaking, according to Japan Display, but the more reflective version is now good to go for production, meaning it might start popping up in new readers imminently. For more info, check the video after the break.

[Image credit: Diginfo]