Chronovolt, a launch game for PlayStation Plus's Vita service in Europe, should be coming to North America next month, developer Playerthree tells us. The Marble Madness-like puzzler will be free via European PS Plus on November 21. Playerthree development director Luigi Fumero tells us his company's working with Sony to make it a free PS Plus game in North America too.

Naturally you're guiding your marble around Chronovolt by tilting the Vita, but as the video above shows there's a bit of timey-wimey stuff going on, mainly because your marble is in fact a Chronosphere - no, not a la Red Alert. You can rewind a la Sands of Time to correct your mistakes, this done by putting two fingers on the front touchscreen. You can also tap specific objects to freeze them in a kind of time stasis, a la, er, Red Dwarf. You can see this in the video above, with the two pieces being frozen so they align into a handy bridge.

Chronovolt features time-based leaderboards, and you can send challenges (timed races) to your friends. Playerthree also says it's planning to make more levels available via DLC.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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