Joystiq's Big Ol' Black Friday and Cyber Monday Bargain Roundup

It's dangerous to shop alone, so take this – our regularly updated mega-post on the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

Best Buy GameStop
Target Walmart
Contained within the hallowed walls of this post are links to every Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday deal we've written about since this year's madness started, and you can rest assured that we'll be updating this list as new deals/sales/bartering agreements are announced. Additionally, the deal summaries may not include every aspect of an outlet's sale(s), so be sure and click thoroughly as you construct your battle plan.

We're going to assume you've already rented enough riot gear for you and your loved ones to wear while shopping, so we're going to skip that part and get right to the four shops you'd planned on visiting anyway:

Gaming deals can be found in retail environments beyond the confines of the usual fair, though we don't expect any of these locations to serve as a bastion from insanity:
Generally speaking, we prefer to shop from home whenever possible, regardless of whether it's tramplin' season down at the local mall:
Pretty much the only thing more convenient than ordering a game online is ordering it directly on the thing you're going to play it with:HARDWARE-SPECIFIC BREAKDOWNS
Maybe you don't care where you buy something. Maybe you'd just like to know what's going to be officially available from the world's console manufacturers. In that case, take a look at the hardware bundles available at various retailers from The Big Three:MISCELLANEOUS SUNDRIES
If a developer, peripheral manufacturer or purveyor of assorted gaming accoutrement has designated discounts for their own wares, you'll find it here:

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