Breakfast Topic When was the last time you changed your WoW password
Hey there -- Mom here! I know you're busy trying to hide the fact that you licked your plate to get all the stuff that was stuck in the gravy. (We see that little dab on your jaw there, just so you know.) I also know that the reason you keep jumping up to offer refilling people's drink is because you're actually mooching off tiny slivers of pie when nobody's watching ... But even on a holiday, it's my duty as a mother to remind you that you need to change your account password regularly.

It might be true that I don't practice what I preach quite as often as I should. (I didn't say it is true. But it could happen.) So my breakfast questions to you this morning are threefold: How long has it been since you changed your account password? Do you follow any set schedule or password schema for keeping your password up to date? And do you use an authenticator and any other security measures to keep your WoW account safe?

Poll: When did you last change your WoW password?
Within the last month718 (12.1%)
Within the last three months1398 (23.5%)
Within the last six months1038 (17.5%)
Longer than six months ago1176 (19.8%)
I can't remember522 (8.8%)
I don't think I've ever changed my account password1095 (18.4%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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