MMO Week in Review: The era of the MMOFPS

MMO Week in Review - PlanetSide 2
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Some games boost their level-grinds for launch, but PlanetSide 2 did the opposite this week. Massively celebrated SOE's MMOFPS sequel with a launch roundup and a quirky impressions piece, while the studio itself released the requisite explosion-packed launch trailer.

More of Massively's top MMO stories from this past week are tucked behind the break.

Guild Wars 2
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What I learned from the Guild Wars 2 free weekend
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Advantages and disadvantages of SWTOR's free-to-play
SWTOR releases trailer for free-to-play launch
A second opinion on Star Wars: The Old Republic F2P
SWTOR begins testing Update 1.6

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WoW Insider
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