Apple's new Cupertino campus won't be finished until at least 2016, and if Phil Schiller has his way, the new headquarters will not include a museum or gallery celebrating the early history of the company.

Atlanta-based author and "computer historian" David Greelish wrote a blog post and started an online petition asking Apple to include a visitor's center at the new building featuring a small gallery telling the history of the company. Schiller's response to Greelish was short and to the point: "We are focused on inventing the future, not celebrating the past. Others are better at collecting, curating and displaying historical Items. It is not who we are or who we want to be."

Greelish's petition has been met with little enthusiasm; MarketWatch notes that the petition recently had only 39 signatures and a guest editorial by Greelish on Cult of Mac has been met with mostly negative comments. But Therese Poletti of MarketWatch thinks that the idea is a good one, since the building will be "an architectural attraction for both the Apple faithful and sightseers." As she notes, "something to accommodate visiting tourists would be a gesture of goodwill for the company's fans and its neighbors in Cupertino."

What do you think? Should Apple consider making a place on the new campus for Apple fans to visit? Or do you agree that another place, such as Stanford University or the Computer History Museum, should continue to archive the history of the company instead? Take our poll or leave comments below.

Should Apple include a visitor center or museum near its new Cupertino campus?
Yes - it would give Apple fans a place to visit and relive the history of the company333 (39.0%)
No - Apple's not in the business of running museums.500 (58.5%)
Other - leave a comment21 (2.5%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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