Your faceless enemies really just want to party with you.
If you're a fan of Perfect World Entertainment's competitive MMO shooter Blacklight: Retribution, you're in for the end of the world. The game's latest update, World's End, is coming after the end of this week's scheduled maintenance, and it's a big one, complete with new playable characters, new specialized assault robots, and new maps to shoot your way through.

Chronos, the new hero, is meant to act as a group's computer specialist, with an innate ability to hack control nodes faster. He comes equipped with an auto-turret and HRV decoy by default, allowing him to place traps or simply defend himself while hacking. These skills will be put to good use in the new maps, Decay and Trench, with the former featuring close-quarter alleyway combat and the latter giving plenty of mid-range sniping spots.

Take a look at the official launch trailer just past the update screenshot gallery, and stay tuned this week for more previews leading up to the patch launch!

[Source: PWE press release]

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