QUBE makes a break for Mac on Steam

QUBE is now available on Mac
QUBE, the whitewashed indie puzzler from Toxic Games and backed by Indie Fund, is now out for Mac on Steam. That's right, PC gamers no longer have a monopoly on playing with bright blocks in sterile white spaces. Children in waiting rooms worldwide, rejoice.

We first heard that QUBE was breaking out of its PC prison in January, when Toxic said it was working on iOS, Mac and OnLive versions of the game. The last update mentioning an iOS version was in August; Toxic said information on a touchscreen game with "similar mechanics" to QUBE was coming "soon enough." That same post says DLC for QUBE is in the works, and QUBE 2 is a possibility, perhaps with some crowdfunding. Toxic has a few ideas regarding a sequel, at least.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.