Thieves steal 7,000 Wiis from a warehouse in Seattle
In the dead of night between Saturday and Sunday, thieves stole 7,000 Wiis from a Seattle Air Cargo warehouse, Seattle PI reported.

The thieves made off with 7,000 consoles, two 53-foot trailers and a box van from the warehouse, for an estimated haul of $2 million. The King County Sheriff's Office is looking into the theft. Not to say that we're professionally trained investigators here, but we would suggest officers keep an eye on Ebay. That's what we would do, at least.

Update: The consoles were, in fact, Wii Us, an officer told Kotaku. Our source at the Seattle PI and ABC News reported that the stolen consoles were Wiis, and Kotaku was not one of our original sources. Thank you for the kind tips, lovely, wonderful commenters.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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