Shopping at Evil Soldier's Emporium is never a good idea.  It doesn't work out well here, either.
As it turns out, moving through the heart of darkness is no easier in Blacklight: Retribution than in the real world. As the motion comic previewing the game's major patch World's End nears its climax, it turns out that yesterday's zombie-filled antics and general civil unrest were not the worst problem that Spade and his team will have to encounter. After all, the Order is still out there, and it turns out they're no slouches in battle...

The second-to-last installment is a little longer than its predecessors, moving the protagonists from their perpetual quagmire to the doorstep of their ultimate objective, but not without taking a few more lumps on the way there. So how do we get from here to the intro we saw back in the beginning of the week? To find that out, you'll just have to check back in tomorrow for the concluding episode.

This article was originally published on Massively.