This week's reports that Japanese Neo Geo X production had come to a halt are only somewhat correct, Engadget has learned. In actuality, only production of the Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition model has ceased, which was always part of the plan. You know, it being a Limited Edition product and everything.

"Tommo will be continuing to support the NEOGEO X format going forward with more games, peripherals and software updates, as well as more units of the console hardware," Tommo told Engadget. "The NEOGEO X Gold System Limited Edition Collection Series that includes Ninja Masters, was always planned to be a limited edition product."

Further elaborations were not made concerning what said games and peripherals might be. Considering that the original Neo Geo AES didn't really have peripherals though, save for a memory card and an adapter that let the AES play arcade cabinet cartridges, we're curious about what Tommo might come up with.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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