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WoW Moviewatch: Tides of War


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Spoiler Warning: This video has spoilers. It's spoilerific.

Not sure what went down in Tides of War? Or, perhaps you read the book, loved it, and are eager to see the events play out in beautiful machinima technicolor. Maybe you're just a lore fan. In any case, this video is the one for you.

Khayllys spent over 3 months making this video. Between the action, narration, and general composition, it's easy to see where all that time went. Frankly, I've not been this excited about a single video for a while. Khayllys really knocked it out of the park with this video, and brought something thrilling back to the hobby.

Seriously, take the time and watch it. Thanks to all the folks who sent this video in.

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