Pokmon Rumble U revealed for Japan's WiiU eShop
Game Freak announced a Wii U Pokémon Rumble game in the latest issue of Japan's CoroCoro magazine, both Serebii and Bulbanews report. Pokémon Scramble U, as it's dubbed in Japan, comes to the country's Wii U's eShop this spring.

The Wii U entry in the Poké-brawler series includes all 649 Pokémon, with 100 of the monsters able to face off against each other at once. As per the 2009 WiiWare game, it supports up to four players.

Both the 3DS and WiiWare games released in North America and Europe a few months after coming to Japan. With that in mind, while a Western release hasn't been announced, if it's coming it's likely to arrive before Pokémon X and Y hit worldwide in October, given that the 3DS games will introduce a new slew of collectable critters.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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