Players vote for 2007era RuneScape server
Believe it or not, an "old-school" RuneScape server may be in the making. The crazy developers over at Jagex discovered a complete backup of the game from August 2007 and are allowing the community to vote on whether or not there's interest in playing this five-and-a-half year-old copy of the game.

The poll will go live on Friday for the following two weeks, but Mod Mark wanted to explain the hows and whys of this potential project in advance. He also set milestones for voting, with the minimum for the old-school server to become a reality being 50,000 votes for a maintenance-only version. If the server project gets enough votes, Jagex will actually hire a team to develop for it.

Mod Mark did want to clarify that possibility, however: "If this idea gathers sufficient support, then we will not need to take our current talent away from all of the exciting updates to be implemented into the current version of the game, as we will be able to hire a new dedicated team to work specifically on this project."

Tell you what: Why don't we have our own unofficial pre-poll poll right now? Vote on whether you'd play on a classic server after the jump!
Would you play on an old-school server in your game?
Yes1900 (89.8%)
No216 (10.2%)

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