These fine folks are running to go see what their gear will look like.  They are very concerned with fashion.
Guild Wars 2 gives you a fair amount of control over the appearance of your character's armor and weapons, but it's still heartrending to spend a bunch of money on the trading post only to find out that you've bought a Merciless Jacket of Searing Ugliness. But fret not, fashion-minded players! Starting with the game's next major patch on February 26th, you will be able to preview armor on your characters straight from the trading post!

Are there other features in the patch? Well, technically, yeah. I mean, you can choose your daily achievements instead of having to fulfill an arbitrary set, which will work nicely with the existing Laurels rewards. And there's new team vs. team matchups in PvP, guild missions in PvE, and further elaboration of the large meta-storyline started back in January. There's even a new PvP map. But who cares about any of that? The important part is previewing items off the trading post.

[Thanks to Jesse for the tip!]

This article was originally published on Massively.