2K Sports announced a special NBA 2K13 and MLB 2K13 bundle today for Xbox 360 and PS3, which will retail for $79.99 when MLB 2K13 launches on March 5. The bundle saves players a whopping $20, as a new copy of NBA 2K13 can be picked up on Amazon for $39.99.

2K Sports bundled the two series together last year as well, packaging NBA 2K12 and MLB 2K12 up for $69.99. One of the differences this year revolved around the uncertainty of MLB 2K13 even existing until it was announced in January, as 2K Sports' licensing agreement with MLB was slated to expire last year. Click past the break to check out the 2K13 bundle cover, which features cover athletes David Price and Kevin Durant.

NBA 2K13 and MLB 2K13 bundle announced, puts sports in your sports

This article was originally published on Joystiq.