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Star Wars: The Old Republic sets the stage for Makeb

Eliot Lefebvre

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The war between the Empire and the Republic in Star Wars: The Old Republic has been two-sided thus far. Sure, there have been some minor incursions by other powers, but it's fundamentally been a conflict between those two sides. Makeb in Rise of the Hutt Cartel represents a major departure from that dynamic, and the latest development blog focuses on the changing face of the galactic conflict. And it's more complex than just the addition of the Hutts.

The Hutts certainly play a major role, of course, but part of the reason for their presence is that the ongoing war makes open conflict seem more appealing to groups like the Hutt Cartel. Meanwhile, the Republic is finally in a position where it's not on the back foot compared to the Empire, meaning that the people in charge have to balance fighting the Hutts and maintaining the advantage. And amidst all of that, there's the planet Makeb itself, which is in the throes of severe ecological disaster. There's a lot going on in the expansion planet, enough to turn what seems like a two-sided conflict into a multi-faceted melee.

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