ESRB changes rules for trailers and demos of Mrated games
Good news for people who hate age gates. The ESRB has released revised rules for the marketing of games rated M for Mature (or games likely to be), reported by Giant Bomb, allowing trailers and demos of such games to be released on websites without age gates – as long as those trailers are designed for "general" audiences and approved by the ESRB. Such trailers will include green headers noting that they have been approved for a general audience, much like those in front of movie trailers.

The ESRB also allows M-rated games to be promoted via demos included in other games, even if those games have a more permissive rating. This requires ESRB approval, however, and research suggesting that the two games have the same intended audience.

Other new rules include removing the mandatory 4-second ESRB logo in front of demos, as long as the rating is shown on the download page, and a removal of a restriction on placing multiple regional ratings next to each other on websites.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.