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Early leak shows what Google Play version 4.0 might be (video)


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Even as Facebook is testing an end-run around Google's app repository, the company's next version of the Play store has apparently been revealed on Droid-Life. Pictures and a hands-on video reveal a tweaked look and deeper integration of the Holo-theme, although the overall layout is mostly still the same. While many of the new pages are still blank in this look, it's easier to switch between searching for apps, music, books and video and everything has a more consistent look. The settings are also slightly altered, with items like auto update apps and auto update over WiFi consolidated into one. We don't know when this update will go live to the general public (Google I/O is still so far away), but let us know if you're seeing v4.0.16 locally. The video is embedded after the break, check the source link below for more pictures and impressions.

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