Embers of Caerus introduces the green hell of Nupoanga
Embers of Caerus just wrapped up a week focusing on the continent of Nupoanqa, and if you missed it, we have a few dev blogs along with a video so that you can cram before the test.

Nupoanqa is a region covered in the "green hell" of a jungle and has a trio of indigenous factions for players to discover: the Onakawa, the Senoka, and the Benghi. One of the dev blogs discusses the inspiration behind each of these factions, while the remaining two deliver short stories if you want to get into the lore.

While the following video eschews actual gameplay footage of Nupoanqa, it does contain four minutes of animated concept art set to the music and sounds of the area. Get a feel for Nupoanqa after the break -- it's quite relaxing.

[Thanks to Dave for the tip!]

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