SeenGDC A bunch of indie games in one place
The GDC 2013 Indie Press Mixer kept it bumping and brawling late into the night on Monday, with wall-to-wall indie games, developers and players. The games spanned PCs, laptops, tablets, with Xbox to SNES controllers, and the people covered the various stages of excitement and belligerence.

Some of the games included Steve Swink's Scale, now with updated graphics and mechanics, along with Colorblind's Aztez, Erin Robinson's Gravity Ghost, Escape Goat 2 from Magical Time Bean, Intake from Cipher Prime, Pixelnauts' Lost Orbit, Daniel Benmergui's Storyteller, and tons more, including Matt Thorson's Towerfall, pictured from a player perspective above.

Check out the sweet action in a few pictures below. If any parts are blurry, it's only because a camera can't contain all of that crazy Indie Press Mixer excitement.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.