You have to wonder if Tholian captains ever get tired of the whole web thing.
Nukara Prime is not a pleasant place in Star Trek Online. It's covered in Tholians, for starters, and it's got all of the charming amenities of a warzone. Then it gets even worse when you realize it's a Class Y or "Demon" planet, and you don't get a nickname like "Demon" for being ideal beachfront property. So naturally players will be expected to head there when Legacy of Romulus launches in May, and they'll have plenty of extra incentive with the new Nukara Strikeforce reputation.

The new reputation will work much like other reputations in the game, giving players a variety of new ground and space item sets to earn in exchange for Nukara Marks. Players can also look forward to existing endgame activities involving Tholians to start giving out Nukara Marks, and they'll have the opportunity to exchange old rewards for large piles of marks as well. So your bridge crew probably won't be happy that shore leave is on Nukara Prime, but your captain will have plenty of new rewards to pick up.

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