On Friday, T-Mobile finally launched its iPhone line, offering some great deals along the way. Did you hop over and place a request for an iPhone 5? American customers now have more service choices than ever. From Cricket to Straight Talk, Virgin to Sprint, you can now shop plans, devices, and options more than ever before.

How are you making your choices? Is T-Mobile's appealingly inexpensive basic plan winning your heart? Or do you need more sophisticated choices and premium features? Do you need truly unlimited data? Or is a high-allocation with a cap enough for your needs? Are family plans important? Or do you depend on tethering? What feature is driving your choice of carriers?

Join in this poll and then add your comments about what matters most to you from your iPhone plan.

What matters most to you when shopping for an iPhone carrier?
It's a phone, first and foremost. I need minutes and texts with the emphasis on call quality and reliability.158 (14.1%)
It's all about the data. I need as many bytes as possible in my monthly allocation.225 (20.1%)
I need data *and* tethering, without the tethering option sending me to the poor house.145 (12.9%)
I hate contracts, so a way to go month-to-month is most important to me.190 (17.0%)
My carrier has to provide a family plan that works for me, letting me split minutes and data among several people.126 (11.3%)
I have to talk and surf at the same time. If the iPhone doesn't do that, it's the wrong model and the wrong carrier.157 (14.0%)
Something else. I'll explain in the comments119 (10.6%)

This article was originally published on Tuaw.