Around Azeroth Just a good ol' boy, never meaning no harm SUNDAY
Doop a doo doo doo. Don't mind me, folks. I'm just walkin' over to the auction house to check on my bids. Afterwards I'm planning on doing a little fishin', maybe fry up some catfish. Oh, this? On my forehead? It's just a Mephistophelean symbol of pure evil, you know, a sigil through which the Dark Lord can channel his forces into this dimension. It's nothing to be worried about. Hey, did you see Duck Dynasty last night? Wait, where are you going? And where did all these priests and paladins come from? Come on, dude! I thought we were cool! (Thanks to submitter Inkuoh of No Way on Quel'Thalas [EU-H] for the screenshot!)

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This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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