Drop: Notch's free, browser-based typing game laughs at your keyboard skills

Notch made a typing game
Markus 'Notch' Persson, best known for the mega-hit Minecraft and his affinity for fedoras, has released a free browser-based typing game entitled Drop.

The Unity-powered title is simple in concept: players type as the world transforms into a pulsating aural journey through a tunnel of heavy electronic music. As new words appear, the time to complete the required letters shortens, which speeds the experience.

Despite our expert typing skills – as evidenced by our intricate and always hilarious punsDrop sessions end within seconds. According to the creator, Drop was inspired by a number of experiences, including Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon, the ending of Polytron's Fez and – for its visuals – his ceiling. Unlike the first two notes of inspiration, Notch's ceiling did not make Joystiq's 2012 'Best of the Year' list.

Play Drop for free on Notch's personal website.