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Avalanche teaser images were steampunk sandbox game now 'on ice'

Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg's pictorial tweet teases – generally thought to be Just Cause 3 or a Mad Max game – were actually a steampunk sandbox game the studio was working on five years ago. Speaking to Edge, Sundberg explained it's a game the studio had in development but has now been "put on ice."

Sundberg tweeted this morning, "The steampunk game was shut down in 2008. We lost ~90 [developers] in the process. Now, 5yrs later [Avalanche] is doing better than ever."

"I really love that art style, and to combine it with sandbox gameplay is a dream of mine," he told Edge. "Fortunately, being an independent developer I can control my own destiny and we'll make something in that world sooner or later."

Another "almost" Avalanche Studios project was a "massive, open world" Star Wars game, but that fell through and now is more unlikely than ever. Whatever Avalanche is really working on will hopefully be revealed by E3.