Patch 53 is pending, but when will it drop
Now, don't pretend you're not already guessing. There have been several official Blizzard blogs, on the new scenarios we're expecting, as well as a general guide to how you can best prepare for patch 5.3, and what's more the devs have begun their latest round of interviews. The official World of Warcraft twitter account even went as far as tweeting to confirm that the patch wasn't landing on Tuesday May 14. So, all this being said, what's your prediction for the launch date? Where's the smart money?

Patch 53 is pending, but when will it dropWhat do we have in the way of additional clues? Well, there's the PTR build information, which previously has flipped from "Test" to "Release" when a patch has crept closer It still says test, as you can see to the side. Also, the patch 5.3 PvP information has previously talked about a conquest catch-up of 15,000, and it'd be 11,000 right now. But of course, these are just clues. So what's your bet? And why?
When will patch 5.3 launch?
May 21st1830 (28.9%)
May 28th1811 (28.6%)
June 4th804 (12.7%)
June 11th256 (4.0%)
June 18th or later233 (3.7%)
Soon (TM)1401 (22.1%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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