While no such thing is planned for the Xbox One launch window later this year, Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer isn't ruling out the possibility of video game shows like 1 vs 100 for the Xbox One.

Microsoft learned "a ton" from 1 vs 100 about bringing "hundreds of thousands of people together in a virtual game environment and have them play with each other and give away real prizes," Spencer told OXM. "I think that's a category that lends itself to our kind of community and interactivity," but he added no such thing would likely make launch. "We'll see how our timelines go."

1 vs 100 was a big hit with the Joystiq staff when it launched in 2010. 1 vs 100 was a weekly free game show played through Xbox Live at a specific time, where contestants could win real prizes. Microsoft pulled the plug in July of that year, though ex-host Chris Cashman was kind enough to produce a goodbye video of sorts.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.