Scarlet Blade reveals first major content update
Though it's a game best-known for removing things (clothing in particular), Scarlet Blade is actually adding something this time around: Aeria Games has announced the free-to-play game's first major content update. Players in Scarlet Blade can now reach level 34 and venture into a new zone called Barbiron. New gear also accompanies the level cap increase, as do new dungeons, including the aptly named Subterranean Factory, which sits underground.

PvP also received attention in this update with the opening of Viledon, an all new open-world zone capable of holding hundreds of combatants. This zone, which contains quests to complete, bosses to fight over, and escort missions to complete or sabotage, can be entered and exited at will.

[Source Aeria Games press release]

This article was originally published on Massively.
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