PSA: Gunpoint infiltrates Steam today, discounted until June 10

PSA Gunpoint hacks Steam security, on sale until June 10
Games journalist Tom Francis has finally launched his side project Gunpoint. Steam is celebrating launch by knocking off a buck from the asking price until June 10, bringing Gunpoint down to $9; the special edition containing the soundtrack and in-game commentary is 25 percent off, down to $15.

Francis, meanwhile, is celebrating with an AMA on Reddit today. Within, he's confirmed first-day sales are quite encouraging - an hour ago, he claimed it was the number one game on Steam's sales charts.

Gunpoint is a Deus Ex-inspired spy game where players must rewire security systems using the Crosslink device - for example, it can be used to turn a light switch into a trap door controller. In Gunpoint, the goal is for players to infiltrate buildings and steal valuable data because spies.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.