Weekend Poll Thinsperational or Ugly

A wave-themed banner goes up at Moscone West. It joins the iOS 7 banner revealed earlier today. Beautiful? Or a horrifying glimpse of art over usability?

Some are saying it means OS X will be Sea Lion. Some are saying it's just a wave. Others are speaking in hushed riddles... What does it mean? We set up a poll below so you can tell us what you think it means. Of course we'll know by next Monday, won't we?

What do you think of the WWDC Banner?
Beautiful and ethereal844 (38.1%)
Someone slapped a giant X on top of that beautiful photo.333 (15.0%)
Oh lord, it's Microsoft. Save us from Metro.161 (7.3%)
That 7 looks a lot like the Nexus 7's 7. And the Jelly Bean X.69 (3.1%)
What about users with vision limitations?36 (1.6%)
Not enough information yet. I'm waiting to see.770 (34.8%)

As for us, we're all about the thin. Here's our new TUAW banner, chock full of Ivedesign.

Weekend Poll Thinsperational or Ugly

(just kidding)

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