The Daily Grind: How far in advance will you get excited about a game?

The robots didn't make me love the game, but they did help seal the deal.
Following WildStar since its first cinematic trailer way back when has been an interesting experience, partly because I've been so consistently lucky. I started following the game when we knew virtually nothing, and for all I knew then it could easily have turned out to be a game I'd never willingly play. That hasn't been the case, but the earlier you get on board with a game, the more your enthusiasm consists of a thin hope and some vague notions.

Of course, Kickstarter projects are based almost entirely on you being a fan without ever playing the game. But for some people, following a game that's only been announced is setting yourself up for disappointment. So how far in advance will you get excited about a game? Do you get psyched from developer diaries and early screenshots, or do you wait until you play a beta build and find out the game is fun?

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