Patch 53 hotfixes for June 21
Another round of hotfixes for patch 5.3 were released earlier today to the official site. Once again, the list is short and sweet, with a few adjustments to a Throne of Thunder raid achievement, and a welcome adjustment for those pursuing Challenge Modes.


Raids, Dungeons and Scenarios
  • Throne of Thunder
    • Ji-Kun
      • The Golden Egg can now only be passed to other players.
      • The Soft Hands achievement should now be properly awarded to Priests in Spirit of Redemption form as well as players that are dead.
  • Dungeons
    • Resetting a Challenge Mode will now reset the cooldowns for Invisibility and Lesser Invisibility Potions.
  • Xan'tish's Flute now should properly only able to be used once every 5 minutes and cannot be used while the character is dead.
Isle of Thunder
  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to use incantations to summon bosses.

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