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Microsoft spreads Office Store to 22 new markets, intros business intelligence tool

Nicole Lee, @nicole

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It's only been a few days since Build, and the Redmond giant already has some extra news to announce. Previously only available in the US, Microsoft's Office and SharePoint Store is now open in 22 new markets with added language support for French, German, Spanish and Japanese. Countries with new storefronts include Australia, Canada, the UK, Japan, India, South Africa, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Belgium and Switzerland (there are sometimes several language markets per country).

Next on Microsoft's announcement list is the introduction of Power BI for Office 365, a cloud-based business intelligence suite that uses Excel to analyze and visualize data with a variety of enterprise-centric tools. Data-minded professionals will be able to snag Power BI as an add-on for their current Office 365 package, or get it as a stand-alone product. While Power BI won't be available until later this year, international Office users can browse that brand-spanking new storefront ahora mismo at the source link below.

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