MMO Week in Review: MMO hipsters are annoying

Your game doesn't have a freaking motorcycle so shut up
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Every few months when it's time for Blizzard's quarterly reports, MMO hipsters come out of the woodwork to tell us all how World of Warcraft is the worst thing ever and that they are just way too cool to play it -- that the loss of six hundred thousand more players just proves that it really is a terrible game and just you wait because soon vindication will be theirs! Except for the part about how Activision-Blizzard just bought itself from Vivendi and its stocks rocketed up. And the part about how World of Warcraft lost more players in three months than whatever game everyone else is playing has total and mostly shrugged it off because piles of money. That doesn't fit the narrative, see.

Join us past the break for a look at the rest of this week's top MMO stories.

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