Someone at Apple is probably going to put my name on yet another blacklist, but it has to be said -- the iPhone camera flash sucks. In general, it doesn't have enough power to light up subjects that are more than just a few feet away, there's no way to adjust the temperature of the light, and ... well, the list goes on and on. Fortunately Kiev-based iblazr lab has a Kickstarter that's nearing its goal of US$58,000 to start production of iblazr, a tiny, yet sophisticated flash and light for iOS and Android devices that comes with an accompanying app to deftly synchronize shutter and flash.

The images here show how well the iblazr and its app work together for fill-in flash, and just how powerful the iblazr is compared to the standard iPhone flash (iPhone flash on top, iblazr below):

iblazr wants to bring more professional lighting to your iOS photos

The team, headed by Vlad Tislenko, produced a very good promo video that you can view below. At this time, you can back the project and get an iblazr when they ship sometime in December starting at just $39.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.