Patch 5.4 release date confirmed for August 27th?

Patch 54 Release Date Confirmed
WoW Insider posted earlier today about the end of PvP season 13, on August 27th, allowing ourselves to speculate that this might also mark the release of patch 5.4, and Blizzard Senior PvP Developer has taken to Twitter to confirm that our suspicions appear correct.

He went on to add that this was just like every other patch release this expansion, where the PvP seasons have come the very same day as the next patch launched. He did add some uncertainty, saying that the season end tweet was "as early as the 27th", but the release of a blog setting that date does seem rather firm. However, things can change. It wouldn't be the first time that a patch had been pushed back.

WoW Insider is terribly excited about patch 5.4, and we have a ton of coverage of the plethora of new features. What are you going to single out as the one thing you're most looking forward to?

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.