While we'd love to see Hyetis newest smartwatch in the real world, we're not entirely sure it's not just the product of an engineer's fevered dreams. Aimed squarely at tech-savvy one-percenters, the Hyetis Crossbow claims to pack a 41-megapixel camera that you can carry around at the end of your arm. The sketchy renders and details available promise that the zoom lens will be surrounded by a ring flash and noise-canceling microphone for video. Other features include, WiFi, NFC and Bluetooth, the ability to interact with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices, GPS and wait for it, Biometric sensors. While it may sound too good to be true, or, you know, real, Hyetis is hoping to charge customers $1,200 -- even though you could just strap a 1020 to your wrist for half that price.